What’s the “Secret Weapon” Savvy Homeowners and Leading Furniture Retailers like Roche Bobois and Scott Cooner use to have their Leather Furniture Fully Upholstered, Repaired, and Restored to Brand New?

Here’s a hint…the “secret weapon” is not some super-special, once-in-a-lifetime product that’s only on sale for a limited period of time. And it’s not a company that employs thousands of individuals, who may or may not actually be able to make the repair. Don’t even start talking about the new contractor who just started doing the work out of his home to make ends meet for a while.
Those solutions all have their place. But if you want a one-stop fix for your leather furniture, and if you want it restored to brand-new, regardless of the severity of the aging or damage, big-name Dallas-Fort Worth furniture companies, and individual homeowners alike all turn to the same solution:

Armando Jaime, Master Leather Technician

You see, Armando Jaime has a unique background in leather repair. In 1979, more than 30 years ago, he started learning how to upholster furniture.
Several years later, in 1986, he began learning how to restore leather to a brand-new appearance (if you’re counting, that’s almost 30 years too!). And he didn’t work for just anybody when he was learning… he worked for some of the biggest names in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, like:

  • Roche Bobois
  • Scott Cooner
  • The Leather Sofa Company
  • Gorrod Gallery
  • IBB Design
  • United Leather
  • Texas leather interiors

What does this mean for you? While Armando is highly skilled in leather repair, he also knows how to correct structural problems. So if you have a leather sofa or chair with years of sun damage, scratches from pets, and even if the frame has been busted from your children’s roughhousing, he can take it and make it just like new again.

If you search around for other leather repair companies/professionals, you’ll find they don’t do everything. If the comfort of the couch is ruined and the leather is damaged, they’ll only repair the leather, and you’ll have to find someone else to repair the comfort of the couch.

Oh, and then there’s the issue of quality workmanship… you have to be careful of that too. Make sure you ask each professional for before and after photos of their work. And if you check out Armando’s photos, you’ll notice couches and chairs with decades of damage.

No matter how severe the damage, the leather furniture always comes back to you looking the same it did the day you bought it! And Armando sticks behind the quality of his work – you get a 1-year warranty on all labor performed.

Business isn’t only about what you can do, it’s also about how you treat your customers. Well, Armando has been in the leather furniture repair and restoration business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for more than three decades. You have to be treating customers well to stay in business in one local area for that much time.

You’ll always get Armando’s personal work. He doesn’t hire inexperienced contractors and supervise them. The work, every last bit of it, is done with Armando’s hard-earned years of experience.

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